Online MBA in Singapore

Here's where you can study Online MBA in Singapore:

Edinburgh Business School

Edinburgh Business School (EBS) claims to offer the most challenging and rewarding business education programs that is designed around giving the student freedom and flexibility to study wherever they are, or whenever they're able to study. The levels of education offered by the school are MBA, MSc or DBA courses.

Learn more about EBS and their online MBA curriculum here.

CQ University Australia

CQ University Australia offers online MBA in Singapore that is catered to graduates who want a career in general management and to achieve positions that allow for major managerial responsibilities in commerce, industry and government.

The school is based in Australia where it claims to have a considerable presence that spans many part of the country and is one of the largest and fastest-growing Australian universities.

Learn more about their online MBA progam here.

The University of Newcastle

The Univeristy of Newcastle provide online Business Administration and Business programs that are structured to equip students with analytical and leadership skills that will prepare them for the workforce. Their online programs touches on fundamental business areas such as accounting, finance, organisational behaviour, economics, marketing and management.

The university is located in Australia and they've over 35,500 students. Learn more about their online MBA programs here.

U21 Global Online Graduate School

The online Master of Business Administration (MBA) programme offered by U21 Global Online Graduate School includes a range of topics and subjects relevant to the contemporary business environment. The school tries to make their online learning environment dynamic by encouraging course participants to interact with each other, share ideas and experience, and also co-operate with each other.

The online institute was set up in 2001, and it allows people to apply for recognised postgraduate programmes online. The school partners with 4 notable universities - the University of Birmingham, the University of Melbourne, the University of Nottingham and the University of Virginia.

Learn more about their online mba programs here.
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