5 Reasons to Take Your MBA in Singapore

One of the considerations that international students have when they're contemplating an MBA from overseas would be to get their education in Singapore. The following are reasons why it would be a good decision for them to do so -

World Class Education System

Singapore has one of the highest standard of education in the world - the schools and educational institutions in Singapore are regulated by the Ministry of Education to ensure that they meet the educational standards set by the government. The business schools in local universities - NUS, NTU and SMU - are competitive, internationally recognized, and highly reputable.

Singapore is also home to prestigious international business schools like INSEAD, Chicago Booth and Manchester Business School. In 2012, a total budget of $10.6 billion has been allocated to Ministry of Education to maintain and continue development of the educational infrastructure in Singapore - this figure makes up for the 2nd highest national expenditure -

Students undertaking an MBA program from a Singaporean university or reputable international business school here can be assured an education of the highest quality.

Internationally Recognized Business Schools

The business schools in local universities - NUS, NTU and SMU - are held in high regard by local government organisations, government owned companies and MNCs operating in Singapore. NUS and NTU have high international rankings - NUS is ranked 23rd for their Global MBA program by Financial Times (2012), and NTU ranks in at a close 34th position.

SMU MBA is a young MBA program that was established in 2008 and the course offers great career prospects as the school has strong industry ties (relationships with over 700 businesses) and connections to the business communities of Singapore and Asia.

Prestigious international business schools like INSEAD, Chicago Booth, and Manchester Business School have also established local campuses here in Singapore. These institutions respectively rank in at 6th, 12th, and 31st for their global MBA programs (in 2012). For people living in Asia, getting a world class education in these institutions is now more convenient than ever.

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Generous Scholarships

One of the biggest obstacles for people who are interested in getting an MBA would be the program's prohibitive tuition fees - it'll easily cost prospective students over $50,000 to take up a program in the top business schools - an INSEAD MBA will cost students S$94,000 - in these situations, subsidies are almost a necessity otherwise the students will risk getting themselves into debt.

Local universities have a generous selection of scholarship programs offered to both citizens and nationals - there are a number of scholarships that fully cover the costs of the tuition fees and they come without any bonds - NUS MBA Dean’s Award, Asian Development Bank - Japan Scholarship, NTU-MBA Scholarship - just to name a few.

For students who wish to attain a world class MBA education without breaking the bank, these top Singaporean Universities are some of the most appealing options for prospective students in Asia and around the world.

"For the August 2012 Intake, we have more than S$1 million dollars worth of scholarships and awards for deserving candidates, for all our MBA programmes." - National University of Singapore

Getting Employment in Singapore

In Singapore, your academic results and paper qualifications are very important - doing well in school and getting a certification from a local university is a ticket to a well paying job and a comfortable life here.

Government organisations and government owned companies give precedence and priority to scholars, regardless of whether they're citizens or nationals. What this means is that people who are academically inclined should seriously consider coming to Singapore for an education, a job and a better life.

If you qualify for scholarships in the local universities and you perform very well in your MBA program, getting employment and permanent residence in Singapore will be very easy.

Strong Economy and Job Market

The unemployment rate in Singapore is one of the lowest in the world. Many people in Asia like to go to Europe or North America for their degree programs but they soon find out that it's very difficult to find employment in these countries upon graduation.

The unemployment rate in the United States was last reported at 8.2 percent in May of 2012 - tradingeconomics.com
The UK unemployment rate will rise from its current 8.3% to almost 9% by the end of this year (2012) - www.bbc.co.uk
The unemployment rate in Singapore was last reported at 2.1 percent in the first quarter of 2012. - tradingeconomics.com

Many Asian students who wish to pursue an international MBA fail to do their research properly and plan for their career post-graduation, a significant number of them are attracted by the romantic idea of studying and working in a foreign country without giving much thought to the nation's economic state and its job market. A considerable number of Singaporeans return home after studying and fruitlessly trying to get a job in UK and United States.

Singapore invests heavily in attracting MNCs to set up offices and run their operations here; there are also many large sized government owned companies like Singtel, MediaCorp and Singapore Press Holdings that provide jobs for many citizens and nationals in Singapore. MBA graduates also have some of the widest choices of local and foreign banks to work for - DBS, POSB, OCBC, RBS, UOB, Citibank, UBS AG - just to name a few.
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