INSEAD MBA: Top MBAs in Singapore

INSEAD is an internationally recognized business school, it's placed amongst the top 10 in the Global MBA rankings in 2012. INSEAD's Asian campus is located in Singapore and it's one of the most prestigious MBA programs Singaporeans and nationals can undertake here.

Global MBA

A global MBA program places an emphasis on educating students about business strategy in an international context. Although not explicitly titled as such, an INSEAD MBA is very much a global MBA - their campuses and classrooms are populated with students from over 80 different nations, all in part to provide everyone studying in the school with a multicultural experience.

Students also have valuable opportunities to travel and network while in the program - they can visit INSEAD's campus in Abu Dhabi, access business resources in other top Universities like Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, and apply for student exchange with Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University - just to name a few.

Benefit from the Fast Pace

An INSEAD MBA programme takes 1 year to complete - it is an accelerated MBA program with 5 days study week and very little "down-time" - with this structure, the institution packs 2 years worth of education into less than half the time.

According to INSEAD, the intensity of their programme adds to the student's MBA experience - the pace closely simulates the working environment and standards in an international organisation - students will learn how to prioritize projects and tasks, and manage their time carefully. The MBA program also allows students to build relationships and learn team-building skills.

Strong Business Fundamentals and an Global Perspective 

INSEAD MBA program aims to develop their students into business leaders with cross-cultural insights and creative problem-solving skills. The core curriculum will provide students with the foundation in the fundamental practices of business in the following areas:

  1. Finance
  2. Accounting
  3. Marketing
  4. Economics
  5. Leadership
  6. Strategy
  7. Business ethics 
  8. Broad management skills 
The entire program is divided into 3 periods - the 1st period teaches students fundamental business skills taught from an international perspective, the 2nd period builds upon the student's knowledge and introduces them to the foundations of running a business enterprise and the integration of business functions. The 3rd period takes a big picture approach - showing students how business functions are interdependent and how they're affected by the global environment.

An overview of their curriculum:

Period 1
Financial Accounting
Financial Markets & Valuation
Organisational Behaviour I
Prices and Markets
Uncertainty, Data & Judgement
Business Ethics

Period 2
Corporate Financial Policy
Marketing Management
Organisational Behaviour 2
Managerial Accounting
Process & Operations Management
Business Ethics

Period 3
International Political Analysis
Macroeconomics in the Global Economy

An MBA for Your Career in International Business

INSEAD positions their MBA as a program designed to quickly and thoroughly prepare students for a career in international business. The distinctive qualities of their MBA program is the compressed timeframe, reliance on group work, and clear focus on international markets and settings.

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