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Undertaking an MBA degree can be a very expensive endeavour - a program in a reputable business school can easily cost prospective students over S$50,000 in tuition fees, and that's not including your books and other school items. Students who take full time MBA program are most disadvantaged because they lose their regular work income and they'll have to work hard to clear off their student loans after graduation.

It's most advisable that before enrolling into an MBA program, the student should check to see if they qualify for any form of scholarship offered in the business school - most of the reputable business school have a number of scholarships to offer, and a number of them help to pay for the tuition fees partially and even in full - there are also scholarships that do that without a bond - simply put, it's free education - but only if you are able to perform academically well enough to qualify and compete with the other students vying for it.

All the Local Universities offer MBA Scholarships

Local universities NUS, NTU and SMU all offer scholarships for their MBA programs.

NUS has listed 16 different scholarships that subsidises your tuition fees or pay for it in full - details for their extensive selection of grants and aids can be found here. It's important to take note that a number of their scholarships are also applicable to postgraduate programs offered by the other local and international universities - for example Tan Kah Kee Postgraduate Scholarship and Lee Kuan Yew Scholarship - these scholarships have varying terms and conditions though, so read them properly.

NTU lists a number of scholarships that can be used for their MBA programs - the main one being NTU-MBA scholarship - some of their other scholarships are only available for international students.

SMU has 8 scholarships listed, each with varying amount of grant money - from S$7,000 to S$10,000. All of their 8 scholarships listed are open both to Singaporeans and international students.

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Scholarship for SME Employees - MDS from Spring Singapore

Spring Singapore is a government agency that supports the development of business and enterprise in Singapore, they've a scholarship program that pays for 70% of the MBA tuition fees (capped at S$54,000) while the student's company pays for the remainder.

5 MBA programs are covered under this program - 1) NUS MBA, 2) NANYANG MBA, 3) SMU MBA, 4) INSEAD MBA, and 5) University of Manchester MBA. Learn the full details of their scholarship here.

Scholarships for International Business Schools and Private Institutions

These are a number of reputable international business schools with physical presence in Singapore - INSEAD, Chicago Booth, S P Jain School of Global Management, ESSEC, and EDHEC. Most of these schools offer scholarships to its students - the extent to which the scholarships are offered and the terms in which they are offered vary widely among the different schools - it's important that you read the details carefully.

Also, a number of Singaporean scholarships offered for local universities MBA programs are available for students in these international institutions - 1) The Lien Foundation Scholarship for Social Service Leaders, 2) Tan Kah Kee Postgraduate Scholarship, and 3) Lee Kuan Yew Scholarship.

INSEAD offers 26 different MBA program specific scholarships that are applicable for its Asian students, find their list here.

Chicago Booth offer general scholarships for their students, but unlike all the others, there's no formal application process for their scholarships, their Office of Admissions and Financial Aid reviews the students application materials and offers scholarship at their own discretion.

S P Jain School of Global Management very selectively offers their scholarships and/or low-interest loans to meritorious and needy participants. Students can only apply for scholarship after they have been offered enrollment in the Global MBA Program. Find out more here.

Most of the scholarships available for your desired MBA institute can be found on the school's website; another way of finding out about aids and grants would be to call up the institute to make an inquiry. Other private institutes that offer MBA programs through university partners - for example, SIM, MDIS, etc - also offer scholarships to their students - SIM-Richard K M Eu and SIM-You Poh Seng Scholarships InformationMDIS Merit Scholarship.
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