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When you're considering an MBA, one of the more important factors to take into account would be - the rankings of the business school or institution that you're applying with.

Top schools and institutions are much more difficult to get into, they require higher GMAT scores, good past academic performance, full-time work experience, interviews by faculty members, etc.

The benefits of studying in a high ranking business school include - recognition by employers, access to the best resources and professors, a higher standard of education, and more.

The following are the top MBA programs and business schools in Singapore, they're all officially recognized by the local government.

Local Universities

The NUS MBA is one of the top ranked MBA programs in Singapore. They have a globally-oriented curriculum, and many opportunities for students to study internationally.

The program is offered at NUS Business School, and it's available in 6 different double degree formats, they are as follows - 1) NUS-Peking University Double Degree MBA, 2) NUS-HEC Paris Double Degree MBA, 3) S3 Asia MBA, 4) Double Degree with Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, 5) NUS PhD-MBA, and 6) UCLA-NUS Executive MBA.

NUS MBA is accredited by international business school accreditation organisations - AACSB, EQUIS and GMAC. In the year 2015, NUS Business School was ranked 31st by Financial Times. Learn more.

The NANYANG MBA is an equally prestigious Singaporean MBA program. It is highly ranked in Asia and globally, and it is also the first local MBA program to be accredited by EQUIS (EU) and AACSB.

The NANYANG MBA is offered at NBS (Nanyang Business School), and it's available in different specialisation tracks - 1) strategy & innovation track and 2) banking & finance track. Students who want to achieve an additional MBA can choose from 3 different double degree programs - 1) Nanyang Waseda Double MBA, 2) Nanyang St Gallen Double MBA and 3) Nanyang Essec Double Masters.

Some of the highlights of The NANYANG MBA program includes being taught by the world's best business professor - Professor Vijay Sethi, and studying a revamped MBA curriculum that has a stronger focus on Asia. In the year 2015, Nanyang Business School was ranked 40th by Financial Times. Learn more.

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SMU MBA is a MBA program established in 2008, it is offered by the Lee Kong Chian School of Business (LKCSB). SMU MBA is ranked 25th for MBA in Asia Pacific by QS, and it is fully accredited by international bodies EQUIS, AACSB and GMAC.

SMU MBA positions itself as the 'Real-World MBA', and the school promises its students a rigorous and relevant program that will teach them practical skills which are immediately applicable in companies and businesses.

LKCSB states that they have strong industry ties, and that their students will be able to get internships in prestigious companies. The schools state that their graduates have gone on to work in companies like ExxonMobil, General Electric, HSBC, Unilever, Yahoo, and more. Learn more.

Useful Tips: Scholarships for MBA - Enrolling in an MBA program can cost you a lot of money. All of the local universities and most of the top MBA schools offer various scholarship opportunities, students should always check to see if they qualify for any grants and subsidies.

International Institutions (with local campus)

INSEAD is one of the top international business schools in Singapore, it is highly ranked by Financial Times and Businessweek. Their MBA program has an intense pace, and it focuses on cultivating leadership in its students. In the year 2015, INSEAD was ranked 4th in Financial Times's Global MBA Rankings. Learn more.

University of Chicago Booth EMBA
The University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business has a good reputation for teaching ability, research and scholarship in business education. The school maintained its ranking of 9th position in 2015, in Financial Times's Global MBA Rankings. It's also ranked #1 by The Economist in 2013. Learn more.

Manchester Global MBA
Manchester Business School ranks 35th for its Global MBA program (2015 rankings by Financial Times); this is an improvement over 2014, where it was ranked #43. According to the website, an MBA from Manchester Business School is highly recommended. Learn more.

Strathclyde MBA
Strathclyde MBA is ranked #80 by Financial Times in 2015; this represents a decline in rankings from 2014, when it was ranked #73. Strathclyde Business School has triple accreditations - 1) Association of MBAs, 2) EFMD, and 3) AACSB International - which puts it among the 1% of business schools (internationally) that has the same prestigious achievement. Learn more.

Useful Tips: Checking MBA Rankings - Top business schools and MBA programs are usually quite stable in their rankings, however, their positions do change annually. You can keep up to date with their rankings by checking various reputable business publications that rank business schools.

Double MBA Programs (International MBAs offered together with Local MBAs)

Peking University MBA
Peking University is one of the most reputable Chinese university within and outside of China, the school offers a high ranking MBA program, together with National University of Singapore. Learn more.

The HEC MBA is one of the few international MBA programmes to be triple accredited by AACSB, EQUIS and AMBA. The course is offered together with an NUS MBA. In the year 2015, HEC Paris was ranked #16 in Financial Times's Global MBA Rankings. Learn more.

UCLA Anderson School of Management EMBA
The UCLA Anderson School of Management is one of the top management schools globally. In Singapore, students can take the UCLA-NUS EMBA program. In 2015, UCLA Anderson was ranked 25th in Financial Times's Global MBA Rankings. Learn more.

Waseda Business School MBA
Waseda University is one of the more prestigious universities in Japan. Students can apply to study for a Waseda Business School MBA by enrolling in Nanyang-Waseda Double MBA program. Learn more.

University of St Gallen MBA
University of St Gallen is the leading business school in Switzerland. Students can take the program via  the Nanyang-St Gallen Double Degree MBA. However, the cost of the program is quite high. In the year 2015, University of St Gallen was ranked 67th in Financial Times's Global MBA Rankings. Learn more.

Fudan International MBA
Fudan University, School of Management, is the business school of Fudan University, one of the oldest modern universities of the China. Its MBA program is internationally recognised and ranked within Financial Time's Top 100 Global MBA list. In 2015, Fudan University was ranked 55th by Financial Times. You can study for the MBA in Singapore through NUS S3 Asia MBA program.

Korea University Business School MBA
Korea University Business School is the business school of the top university in Korea, Korea University. Korea University Business School is the first and only school in Korea to be accredited by both AACSB and EQUIS. You can study for Korea University Business School MBA in Singapore through NUS S3 Asia MBA program.

Also Read: Fees For MBA Programs in Singapore - Find out how much you will have to pay, to study for a top MBA in a good business school. Local universities (NUS, NTU, and SMU) charge between SGD $52,000 to SGD $57,000 for their programs. Program fees for international business schools are much steeper - studying at INSEAD will cost you approximately SGD $92,000, while an EMBA at Chicago Booth is $185,000.

Good MBA Programs in Different Formats or with Different Requirements

Besides the program's rankings, there are other factors that might affect your selection of an MBA, for example, full-time vs part-time, 1 year vs 2 years, etc. You'd be able to find good MBA programs offered in different formats, or at different entry requirements.

The following are some of the popular types of MBAs that people look for:

Part Time MBA Programs

The popularity of part-time MBA programs has been increasing, and many schools, including the top business schools, now offer a part-time option for their MBA programs.

This format is suitable for people who wish to continue working during their studies. Part-time MBA programs offer its students more flexibility, however, they might take a longer time to complete.

1 Year MBA Programs

Many top MBA programs take between 2 to 3 years to complete, this might be a significant opportunity cost for some people. There are good MBA programs offered in an accelerated format, and they take between 10 to 12 months to finish.

MBAs that don't require GMAT

Most of the top MBA programs require that you take the GMAT exam - you'll have to meet a certain score to qualify for their course. There are, however, a couple of reputable programs that don't have this requirement, for example - Bradford MBA, Strathclyde MBA, etc.

Distance Learning / Online MBA Programs

One important aspect of any good MBA programs is the networking opportunities, studying in a good business school will expose you to many capable individuals.

People who have to travel a lot, or have demanding work or family commitments, would still be able to study for a reputable MBA - 2 of the best ones being Strathclyde Flexible Learning MBA and Bradford Distance Learning MBA.

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