Cost of Living for International Students

If you're an international student who's decided to pursue an MBA (or other postgraduate/undergraduate) education in Singapore, you'll have to account for your living expenses, in addition to your course fees.

The following is the approximate monthly cost of living in Singapore, the amount will vary according to the student's personal needs and lifestyle patterns. Do note that the list does not include non-essential items like entertainment, computers, shopping, electronic devices and travel plans.

Accommodation Options

If you're studying in a local university, their student hostels are approximately S$200 to S$720 per month -
NUS Halls/Residence
NTU Halls/Residence
SMU Commonwealth Hostel

If you are studying in a private school, consider the following:

Private Student Hostels - S$250 to over $1,000
List of Hostels
List of Hostels 2

HDB Flats - S$250 to S$2,500 per month
HDB Flat for Rent Forum
HDB Flat for Rent Listings
HDB Flat for Rent Listings 2
HDB Flat for Rent Listings 3


If you're staying in a local university campus, your monthly expenses for food (3 meals a day) is approximately S$400 - S$800 -
NUS Food Outlets
NTU Canteens

If you would like to dine outside of the campus, here are a few listings that will come in handy -
List of Restaurants and Hawker Stalls
List of Hawker Stalls
List of Restaurants

Public Transport

Monthly expenses for public transport will cost about S$100 - SS150, this amount will be much lesser if you stay in the university's hostel, or in an area near to school. Taking cabs for your daily commute will increase your transport expenses significantly.

Here's a few useful links
Plan your public transport journey
Train network in Singapore
Taxi Cabs in Singapore


We recommend that you bring an additional S$200 to S$300 (per month) for miscellaneous expenses - for stationery, medical expenses, etc.

In total, an average of S$1,100 - S$2,000 should be sufficient in helping you cover your living expenses in Singapore. We hope that your education experience here will be fruitful and fun!
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