MBA Programs Fees Guide (Part 1)

The following is an extensive listing of all the MBA programs offered in Singapore, and their respective program fees.

The order of the listing is as such - 1) Singaporean MBA programs,  2) UK MBA programs,  3) Australian MBA programs, 4) US MBA programs, and 5) International MBA programs from all other countries.

The course fees are listed in Singapore Dollars and Indian Rupees (Lakhs). The guide is broken up into 3 parts.

Singapore MBA Programs

MBA Program Fees (SGD)Fees (INR - Lakh)
NUS MBA 52,000 22.88
The NANYANG MBA 55,000 24.2
SMU MBA 57,000 25.08
The program fees listed here are accurate as of October 2012.

UK MBA Programs in Singapore

MBA Program Fees (SGD)Fees (INR - Lakh)
Manchester Business School MBA 57,750 25
Edinburgh Business School MBA from Heriot-Watt University 22,150 9.59
Queen Margaret University MBA 19,650 8.51
Cardiff Metropolitan University MBA 19,650 8.51
Lancaster University's Global MBA 37,000 16.02
University of Wolverhampton MBA 19,800 8.57
University of Greenwich MBA 23,800 10.31
University of Hull EMBA 24,182 10.47
Northumbria University MBA 19260 8.34
University of Aberdeen MBA 30,000 13
University of Wales, Newport, MBA 19,474 8.43
University of Birmingham MBA 29,532 12.79
University of Bradford MBA 29,906 (Local Students)

34,240 (International Students)
12.95 (Local Students)

14.82 (International Students)
University of Wales MBA 25,412 (Local Students)

27,820 (International Students)
11 (Local Students)

12.04 (International Students)
University of Buckingham MBA 26,000 11.26

University of East London MBA 17,900 (Local Students)

19,400 (International Students)
7.75179 (Local Students)

8.4 (International Students)
University of Nottingham MBA 32,549 14.1
University of Strathclyde MBA 35,461 15.36
Anglia Ruskin University, UK 15,000 6.5
The program fees listed here are accurate as of October 2012.

Proceed to Part 2 of MBA Programs Fees Guide, and find out the course fees for US and Australian MBA programs in Singapore.

Proceed to Part 3 of MBA Programs Fees Guide, and find out the course fees for all other International MBA programs in Singapore - France, Finland, Switzerland, China, Japan, and India.

If there are any errors spotted in our Fees Guide, do drop us an email at, and we'll correct it.

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