Strathclyde MBA Program Information

The Strathclyde MBA is offered at YMCA Education Centre in Singapore.

In 2015, their MBA program was ranked #80 in Financial Times Global MBA Rankings. The school managed to maintain its rankings from 2014. In 2013, Strathclyde Business School was ranking in the 87th position.

Strathclyde MBA has triple accreditations, it is accredited by EFMD, AACSB International, and Association of MBAs. Less than 1% of business schools around the world have achieved this.

These accreditations are strong indicators of a program's high standard and quality. It's advantageous for students, as employers will value their MBA education more.

Program Structure

The program is offered in a part-time format. Students normally take 2.5 years to complete the MBA, however, they are allowed up to 6 years to complete the program.

The school feels that this will give working professionals the space they need, to balance their studies and their work.

The program consists of 4 main stages - 1) The Reflective Practitioner,  2) Making the Business Work, 3) Strategic Management for Sustainable Success, and 4) Personal Development.

The 4 stages comprises of 15 'subjects', totalling at 180 credits.

Entry Requirements

There are 2 ways to enter Strathclyde MBA programs.

The first is a direct entry, this is for candidates with a university degree.
  1. A university degree or professional qualification from certain professional bodies such as the following: CIMA, ACCA, CIMUK, etc
  2. A minimum of 3 years of full-time working experience (preferably in managerial positions)
  3. At least 27 years old
Candidates with a diploma can enter the program, via a diploma entry. They have to meet the following requirements:
  1. A diploma issued by Singaporean polytechnics
  2. A minimum of ten years of varied work experience
  3. At least 27 years old
GMAT is not required, but the school may ask the applicants to take the exam at their discretion.

Learn more about Strathclyde MBA here.

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Strathclyde Flexible Learning MBA

University of Strathclyde Business School also offers their MBA program in a 'flexible learning' format. It's designed for people with hectic schedules, or people who need to travel around frequently.

In this program, students will have more control over and flexibility with their studies. The school feels their 'flexible learning' format is superior to distance learning.

During the program, students will engage in self study and group interactions. They will receive textbooks, specially written learning materials, and other support resources, that will allow them to study entirely on their own.

In addition to self-study, Strathclyde Business School will conduct workshops and seminars, where you can meet with other students in the program, in person. The school believes these networking sessions are important and valuable.

Students in the Flexible Learning MBA program will have more control over the pace of their study. The school will assist students in designing a practical study plan that's suitable for their circumstances. The average duration of the program is 3 years, but depending on the student's commitments, they can complete the program faster (in 2 years), or extend their studies.

Learn more about Strathclyde Flexible Learning MBA here.
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