Edge Hill University MBA Program Information

The Edge Hill University MBA is offered at Shelton College International, in Singapore. The program has yet to be ranked or accredited.

Program Structure and Curriculum

The course is offered in part time format, it will take students 12 months to complete the program. The school says that their MBA is designed for working professional, and that they have a modular lecture schedule, which gives students flexibility to work and study at the same time.

The course is fully taught by Edge Hill Business School faculty. Lessons are delivered face-to-face, there's also online tutoring provided.

Their curriculum comprises of 9 modules, they are as follows:
  • Strategic Human Resource Management
  • Financial Decision Making
  • Contemporary Issues
  • Strategic Marketing
  • Strategic Management
  • Research Methods
  • Dissertation
  • Work Placement
  • Reflective Practitioner
Each of the modules is delivered in 3 phases - 1) pre-intensive phase, 2) intensive phase, and 3) post-intensive phase.

Entry Requirements and Course Fees

The program is suitable for the following groups of people:
  1. Candidates with significant managerial experience
  2. Fresh graduates
The course fees are not stated on their local website. However, on Edge Hill University's website, the fees are £12,200, which roughly translates into S$23,861.

Learn more about Edge Hill University MBA here.
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