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YMCA Education Centre offers tertiary programs from 2 international universities - 1) Australian Maritime College (AMC), and 2) University of Strathclyde (from Scotland). They offer these courses under the label of 'YMCA Tertiary'.

For people who are looking for an MBA education, they can consider Strathclyde MBA. The program is offered in a part time format at the school. Students who wish to do distance learning can opt for  Strathclyde Flexible Learning MBA.

Strathclyde MBA program has been available in Singapore since 1989, that's approximately 24 years (at the time of this article's publication in 2013). The program was offered at Times Management Institute until 2009, when YMCA Educations Centre took over as the new partnering institute.

To date, over 400 students have graduated locally.

The MBA course is fully delivered in YMCA Education Centre, by 16 faculty members comprising of 8 foreign professors and 8 local part time teaching staff.

YMCA Education Centre is one of the nine international institutes where people can enrol in Strathclyde MBA program. University of Strathclyde ensures that all students get the same MBA certification, regardless of the different institutes or study formats they chose.

Students studying the program in Singapore will be presented with the same entry qualifications, course contents, and assessment as the main university.

Including YMCA Education Centre, there are currently 2,000 course members enrolled in Strathclyde MBA internationally.

Student's admission into the program is fully decided by the University of Strathclyde, they do this to maintain the same standards throughout all the international institutions. The university is also fully responsible for the assessment of student's test and exams.

University of Strathclyde sends their faculty members to YMCA Education Centre, to run intensive seminars for the students. The university also provides all of the program's teaching materials, so their students' education is standardised.

Find out more about YMCA Education Centre and Strathclyde MBA here.

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