GMAC - Graduate Management Admission Council

Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) is an international non-profit organisation that owns and administrates the GMAT exam. The organisation is comprised of 211 graduate business schools from 22 countries.

GMAC provides GMAT, a standardised test that's design to assess the analytical, quantitative, verbal, and reasoning skills of prospective graduate management education students. This test is widely accepted in graduate and management programs around the world, over 5,800 programs in 113 countries to be more specific.

In addition to the GMAT, GMAC also creates and publishes information about management education, and the role it has in the global economy. This information is gotten from the marketing analysis and survey research that the organisation carries out.

On the GMAC website, you'll find many products and services for your graduate management education needs. You can read helpful articles about how a B-School degree is relevant to your career, some of their guides include:
  1. What Is a Graduate Business Degree?
  2. Benefits & Future Value of a Graduate Business Degree
  3. Dispelling Myths About Business School
  4. 5 Steps to a Graduate Business Degree
  5. Study Internationally
You can also use their GMAT related services, such as:
  1. Booking a GMAT exam
  2. Learning about the GMAT test structure
  3. Downloading free GMAT preparation software
  4. Learning about GMAT scores and reports
  5. Reading FAQs about GMAT
  6. Buying GMAT study materials, and more.
The GMAC website also has services categorised under 'Schools and Programs'; students can use the resources here to help them choose the right business school and program. The following is a list of available services:
  1. Explore Graduate Management Degrees
  2. Find a School
  3. Connect with Schools
  4. Evaluate Schools
  5. Ask School Experts
  6. Apply to Schools
  7. Finance Your B-School Degree

GMAT Study Materials

You'll require study materials to prepare for your GMAT exam; you'd be able to get all the books and guides that you need from GMAC's online store. You'll find 13 items (for GMAT) in their store; the items and their prices are as follows:
  1. Official Guide for GMAT Review - US$42.95
  2. Official Guide for GMAT Review Mobile App - US$4.99
  3. Basic GMAT Study Collection - US$78.85
  4. Premium GMAT Study Collection - US$278.80
  5. On Demand GMAT Study Collection - US$199.95
  6. GMAT Exam Gift Voucher - from US$50
  7. Official Guide for GMAT Verbal Review - US$17.95
  8. GMATPrep Software - FREE
  9. GMATPrep Question Pack 1 - US$29.99
  10. Official Guide for GMAT Quantitative Review - US$17.95
  11. GMAT Paper Tests - US$29.99
  12. GMAT Focus Online Quantitative Diagnostic Tool - from US$29.99
  13. GMAT Write - US$29.99
To purchase the items, you'll have to sign up for an account on the website. A GMAC account will also give you access to their GMAT exams booking system and their test preparation software download.

To visit their online store, click here.

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