Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy

Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy is the top school to study public policy in Singapore; it is also considered one of the best in Asia. The school states that its fully integrated multidisciplinary curriculum, pedagogical innovations and rich pool of Asian case studies sets it apart from other institutions. The majority of the cohort is made up of international students, and the schools says this will provide good networking possibilities for its students.

The programs offered at Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy includes 1) Master in Public Policy, 2) Master in Public Administration, 3) Master in Public Management, and 4) PHDin Public Policy. Students in the programs can expect to do research in several fields, from social policy to China-India relations, from international trade to water policy. The faculty is complemented by four research centres.

If you enrol in Master in Public Policy program, some of the skills and knowledge you'll learn include 1) policy challenges, 2) policy process and institutions, 3) policy analysis, and 4) economic foundations for public policy.

If you choose the Master in Public Administration program, some of the knowledge and competencies you'll acquire include 1) economic analysis, 2) policy analysis, and 3) public management.

Enrolling in the Master in Public Management program will allow you to learn more about the following topics, 1) economic reasoning and policy, 2) public management, and 3) frameworks for policy analysis.

The school also offers executive education which includes the following programmes, 1) Senior Management Programme, 2) Temasek Foundation Water Leadership Programme, and 3) Non-Profit Management Programme. These programs are designed to provide decision makes in governments, businesses and non-profit institutions with the opportunity to develop their skills for and knowledge of policy making and governance.

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