How to Check MBA Rankings?

One of the factors that many students consider before applying for an MBA with a business school would be the ranking of the institution and their programs offered - this is because students wish to earn a post-graduate degree from a recognized and prestigious institution, in turn increasing their employability among companies and their career prospects.

There are many different business schools all around the world and the rankings of the schools vary slightly depending on which source you refer to (different websites use slightly different methodologies to rank the business schools), so our best advice is to cross examine the schools from at least 3 different sources to see if the school of your choice is consistently ranked on top.

Here are useful websites that you can use as reference for MBA Rankings:

Financial Times Business School Rankings (International)

The Economist Full Time MBA Ranking (International)

Times Higher Education World University Rankings (International)

US News Best Business Schools (US only)

Businessweek Top Business School Rankings (US only)

GMAT Club Consolidated MBA Rankings (US only)
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