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CoursesinSG.com is a resource site discussing MBA programs in Singapore. We provide fresh graduates and working professionals with useful information, to help them choose the right MBA program for their needs.

We have an extensive number of quality guides, they help to address any MBA related queries you might have, from program listings that show you which are the best MBAs in Singapore, to in-depth discussions evaluating the advantages of studying your MBA in Singapore.

To date, we have over 40 programs listed on our site, they're categorised in a relevant way, according to the factors prospective students will consider before applying for the course. For example, which MBA does not have a GMAT requirement, or which MBA only takes 1 year to complete.

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Company Mission

1. Provide high quality information to help users make the best choice for their MBA education.

2. Help users discover other institutions providing MBA programs, so they have more choices.

3. Allow users to quickly find reliable and well researched answers to their MBA-related questions.

Company History

CoursesinSG.com was started back in May 2012 by a local business school graduate. The website's founder created CoursesinSG.com in an effort to provide high quality information about MBA programs in Singapore, to help would be students make informed decisions about their post-graduate education. CoursesinSG.com has since grown into the foremost website about MBA in Singapore, and the website is accessed by a significant number of visitors every month.

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