INSEAD Launches 'Abu Dhabi MBA Module'

Starting from January 2013, INSEAD students in the Singapore and France campus will be able to get a taste of what it's like to do business in UAE, United Arab Emirates. They will be able to do so through INSEAD's new 'Abu Dhabi MBA Module', a program offered in collaboration with Abu Dhabi Education Council 'ADEC', and partners in Abu Dhabi's government and business sectors.

INSEAD's Deputy Dean, Peter Zemsky, commented that UAE is one of the most significant business centres internationally. INSEAD's campus in Abu Dhabi was opened in 2010, the school felt that it was important to understand and assist in the development of the region, because of its rich educational and professional environment.

Students who are interested in the new Abu Dhabi MBA Module will have to complete the program in 3 parts - 1) Doing business in the UAE and the Middle East, 2) Negotiation Dynamics, and 3) Field-based work with a local partner. The aim of the module would be to 1) deepen students' understanding of Abu Dhabi and its socioeconomic environment, and 2) help them to build career opportunities in the Middle East.

The program will feature guest speakers, company visits, and project work, in high profile international and local partner organisations.

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