S P Jain Global MBA Program Information

S P Jain School of Global Management offers Global MBA and EMBA programs in Singapore. Their MBA program is ranked #91 globally by Financial Times (2012). In 2013, however, they've fallen out of the top 100 rankings. Whether they'll be able to recover their rankings in 2014, still remains to be seen.

Program Structure and Format

Their Global MBA program is delivered in a full time format, lasting for 1 year. The school says this MBA is best suited for mature students, with significant amount of work experience (minimum 3 years).

During their time in the program, students will travel between 3 different cities to study - Sydney, Dubai, and Singapore. The school feels that this is an effective way for students to learn local business practices, economic and political trends, and learn how to work in cross-cultural teams.

S P Jain's Global MBA aims to provide their students with a good breadth and depth of business knowledge. Students are offered a choice of 5 different specialisation:

  1. Investment banking and wealth management
  2. Information technology management
  3. Consulting management
  4. Contemporary marketing management
  5. Global logistics and supply chain management

Entry Requirements

Students who wish to enter the program must take the GMAT, or SPJAT (S P Jain Aptitude Test). A minimum score of 650 is required, if students wish to qualify for the program.

The school also considers an applicant's past academic performance, their work experience, extracurricular activities, and other achievements.

After you've been shortlisted, you'll visit one of their selection centers, to be evaluated further, through essay writing, analysing case studies, and a personal interview.

Learn more about S P Jain Global MBA here.

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