Waseda Business School (WBS) MBA Program Information

The Waseda Business School (WBS) MBA program is offered alongside the NANYANG MBA, from Nanyang Business School in Singapore. The name of the double degree program is Nanyang-Waseda Double MBA.

The WBS MBA pays a special focus on the management of technology. Towards the end of the program, students will go to Japan to do their 'Japan Industry Studies'. During this time, students will visit major Japanese companies like Yamaha, Toyota, Mitsubishi, Suntory Limited, and many more.

They'll get to observe and learn more about Japanese manufacturing and technology management practices, while experiencing Japanese culture. Students will also have opportunities to make new business contacts, and create relationships with potential business partners in Japan.

Program Structure and Curriculum
The Nanyang-Waseda Double MBA will take students 14 months to complete. The programs starts in Singapore, where students will study for the NANYANG MBA for 8 months. They will then study Waseda MBA in Japan for 4 months.

The program's curriculum comprises of 8 core courses, 13 electives in Management of Technology, 1 NTU full elective course, and the Japan Industry Studies.

The core courses are as follows:
  1. Financial Management
  2. Marketing Management
  3. Financial Accounting
  4. Economic Analysis
  5. Corporate and Business Strategy
  6. Managing Business Operations
  7. Accounting for Decision Making and Control
  8. Leadership and Organisational Behaviour

The selection of electives provided, have a focus in the Management of Technology. The electives are as follows:
  1. Best Practices in Human Capital Management
  2. Global Business Management in Manufacturing
  3. Venture Capital Investment in High-tech Industries
  4. Technology Strategy and Management
  5. Problem Solving from General Management Perspective
  6. IT Strategy and IT Applications
  7. Investment Analysis in Manufacturing Industries
  8. Technology Marketing
  9. Strategic Service Management for Technology Companies
  10. Japanese Management and Innovation
  11. Organisational Strategy of Japanese Companies in Asia
  12. Life Sciences: A Business Perspective
  13. Value-Based Innovation
  14. Supply Chain & Logistics Management

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