Fox Online MBA Program Information

Students in Singapore can study for a Fox MBA by - 1) enrolling in their EMBA program (offered at International Executive Education Centre, IEEC, in Singapore) or 2) taking up their Online MBA program, called Fox OMBA.

The school states that their OMBA program will provide the same level of rigorous content and learning, as compared to their traditional MBA program. Students will watch HD video presentations, and use web conferencing, to engage in their course studies and activities.

Program Overview

Students will be able to start their program at several dates throughout the year. Students will take one course at a time, the curriculum is designed so that the courses build upon each other, in other words, students will learn the fundamentals, before proceeding to more advanced modules.

Fox Online MBA program is not completely delivered online, students will start their course with a week-long residency at Temple University's main campus. The university is located in Philadelphia, United States.

During this period, students will complete their first course, Leadership Development. They will also engage in networking and team building activities.

After the residency week, the remainder of the program will be delivered online. Students will continue to work with their peers in virtual teams, to complete their business projects together.

Each of the program's courses are 4 weeks in length, they're delivered through HD lecture videos. After watching these videos, students can discuss and interact with faculty members through social media, or online discussion forums.

Faculty members will also conduct weekly live web conferencing sessions, to give students an opportunity to talk to their lecturers.

Students will be able to complete Fox Online MBA program in as little as 20 months.

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