MBA Specialisation in Human Resource Management

There are 2 MBA programs in Singapore that offer a specialisation in Human Resource Management. The following is a list of the business schools providing the programs, and more details about the programs themselves -

James Cook University (JCU) - Master of Business Administration (Human Resource Management)

JCU's MBA with specialisation in HRM aims to give its students improved knowledge of an organisation, and how it functions as a whole; the program also enhances their skills for strategic human resource management. Students will learn and practice leadership, and leverage on it to identify and meet their organisation's strategic goals and needs.

JCU's MBA with specialisation in HRM is an accelerated program, and it'll take full time student 1 year to complete. This format of studies would be suitable for working professionals who want to upgrade their skill sets and career prospects, but are not willing to spend an extended period of time away from work.

Students joining the course can expect to work in teams, develop presentation skills, work on international case studies, and participate actively in class and group discussions.

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Edinburgh Business School Master of Business Administration (Human Resource Management) from Heriot-Watt University (provided at East Asia Institue of Management)

The Edinburgh Business School Master of Business Administration with specialisation in HRM caters to students who want to learn advanced management skills, and develop themselves as effective managers. As opposed to a general MBA program, students who opt for a specialisation will get an opportunity to study a specific discipline more extensively, to attain a deeper understanding.

Students in the course have the opportunity to study modules designed for a career in HRM, the modules include - 1) Influence, 2) Negotiation, 3) Human Resource Development, and 4) Human Resource Management.

This 18 month course is suitable for people who are seeking a career as 1) Office Manager, 2) Administrative Manager, 3) Human Resource Manager, or 4) Small Business Owner.

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